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iPhone Down The Toilet

It’s not uncommon for phones, laptops and cameras to be rendered completely useless if a mug of tea is spilled over them or they been dropped into the sink of soaking dishes or even down the toilet (Yes, that happens more frequently than you might believe!)So what should you do if your device get’s an […]

Hard Drive Not Found – Eeek!

Phew – major disaster averted! (Well, at least a lot of work avoided 😉 ) I cleaned my main PC the other day. It’s good to get rid of all that dust that clogs heatsinks and fans. Things will overheat and fans will become noisy if not kept dust free. I’ve known many systems to […]

Help! My computer has been hijacked

Have you got a few minutes to talk about security? Computer Security that is. I hope you have as it’s an important subject that could cost you a lot should you ignore it. I want to talk to you about two aspects of email and online security that are most prevalent, namely Ransomware and Phishing. […]

The End of Windows XP

Does your Start button in the corner of your screen look like this? If it does, then you’re running Windows XP and YOU MUST READ THIS POST! From next April, Microsoft are withdrawing support for their Windows XP operating system. That means that all security updates and patches will stop being issued and XP will […]

What’s Safe to Update on my Computer?

A lot of problems on the computers I get called out to repair are caused by a virus, malware or other such undesirables. Most PC owners ask me,  “How did I get that? I’ve got an Anti Virus program, shouldn’t that have stopped it?” Well, the truth is, you probably gave the virus permission to infect […]

Help when buying a new PC

When it comes to buying a new computer I know that many of my customers feel overwhelmed with the options available and are often intimidated by sales staff. They seem to speak a foreign language and think you’ll be impressed with mentions of so many “gigahertz”, “gigabytes” and “giga-whatchacallits”. There’s a real snobbery practised by some sales […]