A Huge Thank You… to YOU !

This is a simple post with a very important message. It goes out to all my customers and people who have supported me and my business.

These are difficult times and running a business isn’t the easiest of tasks even when the economy is booming – but I’m still here, still trading and still making the stuff that pays the bills and allows me to live the life I love.

It’s a cliché, it might even be seen as cheesy to say it, but I couldn’t have done it without you.

And my thanks extend beyond my paying customers. To everyone who has recommended my services; to anyone that’s helped me with problems or queries;  to anyone that’s just voiced some words of encouragement; or to anyone that’s simply read my blog – THANK YOU!

And why say this now? Well, I’ve not reached any particular milestone with my business, there’s no special occasion, it just that I woke up this morning and I felt grateful – so I’m passing it on.

Have a great day.



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    • Cheers Vic – I’m sure we’ll get accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced life of Braehead and Kirkinner in no time 😉

  1. You are a doing a splendid job Peter – you and your family are a real asset to Wigtownshire. Enjow ‘Glenarra’ as some call it.

  2. Glad you’re still around, Peter – you know how much I’ve valued your help in the past. I’m sure there’ll be a few million times when I need it in the future too. Hope the move goes well.
    Beryl S

    • Beryl – thanks for the message (By the way, Comment Awaiting Approval is just a way I can monitor the comments that are left on this blog. Aside the comment of yours asking that question, all the comments are published)

  3. I expect you have done the move now Peter. I am just back from Philippines,Borneo and Australia having had a wonderful time and thank you for changing my email address as I have been able to keep in touch whilst away! No doubt I will be calling on your services in due course
    All the best to you and the family

    • Bridget – not yet moved, it’s scheduled for the end of February, so you’re back in time to give us a hand! Only kidding.

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