Just who is Peter Bestel and why should you trust him to fix your computer?

Fixing Computers For Over 25 Years

I’ve used PCs since the late 1980s and I’ve always wanted to know how they work – I’ve never shaken off that childhood habit of taking something to bits just to see what makes it tick. I started taking my own equipment apart and advanced onto other people’s (with their permission, of course!) I discovered I had a knack for fixing the things. I developed such an interest in them that I ended up becoming an Information Technology tutor.

So, over the last twenty five years or so I’ve had more than my fair share of broken PCs to mend. I regularly upgrade the specification for folk; from adding more RAM or a another DVD drive to replacing the hard drive or upgrading their motherboard.

But most of the time I find myself troubleshooting the software, carrying out routine maintenance for folk and teaching them the best way to use their PCs so it can be a tool of efficiency and fun! I guess my years as an IT tutor comes in handy once more.

I like working with computers and I love teaching people how to enjoy them too. If you’re struggling with your PC, whether it’s because it’s just not working right or you just can’t get your head around a particular software package, give me a call or drop me a line, you can find my phone numbers on the top right of every page of this site – I’d love to help you.


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I Don't speak Computer jargon, unless you want me to.

Call me to discuss your computer issue. I promise not to confuse you with techno babble

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