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Help when buying a new PC

When it comes to buying a new computer I know that many of my customers feel overwhelmed with the options available and are often intimidated by sales staff. They seem to speak a foreign language and think you’ll be impressed with mentions of so many “gigahertz”, “gigabytes” and “giga-whatchacallits”. There’s a real snobbery practised by some sales …

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Keep it Clean

Your computer is great at doing lots of things, but one ‘skill’ it has that is often overlooked and not at all welcome, is the ability to attract dirt, dust and germs. Dust is drawn into the workings of the computer via its fans. The fans are there to help the delicate components remain cool …

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Here to Help!

Hi, I’m Peter and if you’ve found your way here then I assume you’re wanting some help. This site is just getting going but I hope to fill it with lots of useful information to help you get the most from your computer. For starters, I run a business that helps folk like you to: