Hard Drive Not Found – Eeek!

Phew – major disaster averted! (Well, at least a lot of work avoided 😉 ) I cleaned my main PC the other day. It’s good to get rid of all that dust that clogs heatsinks and fans. Things will overheat and fans will become noisy if not kept dust free. I’ve known many systems to […]

Does Your House Key Start Your Car?

Can I ask you a question? When a website, say your bank, favourite shopping site or even something like facebook asks you for a password, do you use the same one every time? Maybe you add a number to the end if you have to, but ordinarily, do you use the same password for everything? […]

Don’t leave your windows open to the bad guys

Just a quick note today… Twice this week I’ve been asked to sort out PCs that have become unusable because they were infected with viruses and scareware.One PC was taking an eternity to do anything and the other one had locked the user out completely. In both cases, the owners weren’t using any antivirus and […]