Hard Drive Not Found – Eeek!

Phew – major disaster averted!

(Well, at least a lot of work avoided 😉 )

I cleaned my main PC the other day. It’s good to get rid of all that dust that clogs heatsinks and fans. Things will overheat and fans will become noisy if not kept dust free. I’ve known many systems to die completely just because they weren’t kept clean.

Anyway, that’s not the main point of my tale.

I switched on my PC this morning to find that my main data hard drive could not be found. Although not the end of the world as it’s backed up, it’d be a right royal pain in the butt to swap it out and get my system back to the way it was and I just need to be doing other things just now.

To be fair the warning signs had been there for a while. Programs sometimes taking ages to load, Windows Explorer falling over and generally things slowing down an awful lot.

So, I take the back off my PC once again. Ooh, it’s lovely and clean inside, I note.

Ah ha! A light bulb moment. I’ll just check the cables to the hard drives… Click! Yes, one cable was not quite seated properly. I must’ve dislodged it when I cleaned out the dust. I checked all the others by taking them out and re-seating them.

A reboot confirms that everything is back to normal. All drives are being seen and the PC is running as it should once more.

Sometimes it’s the little things that cause the big issues.

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