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When it comes to buying a new computer I know that many of my customers feel overwhelmed with the options available and are often intimidated by sales staff. They seem to speak a foreign language and think you’ll be impressed with mentions of so many “gigahertz”, “gigabytes” and “giga-whatchacallits”.

There’s a real snobbery practised by some sales staff that reminds me of the old sketch from Not the 9 O’clock News back in the 80’s. The subject matter is different but the message is the same.

In my experience, most people aren’t interested in the technical specifications of a computer, they just want to be reassured that their purchase will do the job that they want it for and that they’re not paying over the odds.

A similar feeling over overwhelm can occur even when buying your PC online. So many options, so many tick boxes, so many price points. I can fully appreciate why some people resort to simply leafing through the Argos catalogue, deciding on a PC by price and nipping down to their local store to collect it. No hassle, no over-technical jargon and no belittling from spotty sales staff.

The only issue with computers from Argos is that they may not be what you need and aftersales is generally poor – after all, they are not a dedicated computer retail outlet.

But if you want to buy online, which I recommend, I can help you through the minefield of specifications and add-ons by sitting next to you as you buy.  For a small fee I will come out to your home or workplace* and spend time explaining your different options given what your needs of your new computer.  I may even be able to supply you with a discount code which means, in effect, you get my service for free.

You can contact me via the phone number at the top of this website and we can arrange a good time for me to call round.

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*This service is only available to customers within 15 miles of my business in Braehead, Newton Stewart
If you find the information on this blog useful and you want me to help you with your computer, get in touch here

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  1. Hi Peter glad you and your family are settled in your new house thanks for the mail thinking of getting a new laptop in the summer i will give you a shout then bye.

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