Here to Help!

Hi, I’m Peter and if you’ve found your way here then I assume you’re wanting some help.

This site is just getting going but I hope to fill it with lots of useful information to help you get the most from your computer.

For starters, I run a business that helps folk like you to:

  • Understand their PCs – enough so you can use it easily and get done what you want to get done!
  • Find your way around the most commonly used software packages
  • Learn about stuff like Email, Skype, eBay and even Twitter and Facebook (if you really want)
  • Discover the wonders of the Internet – learn how to keep safe, shop for bargains and have fun.

The above list is just a sample – I’ll go wherever you want to go, I’ll even learn with you if you like.

Oh, and one other thing…

I fix PCs too

Yes, if your PC is broken, and you live within my working area, then I can come out to you to assess the damage and hopefully get your computer back in the land of the living as soon as I can.

All you have to do is contact me by phone or email:


If you find the information on this blog useful and you want me to help you with your computer, get in touch here