How to Re-Register Avast Free Anti Virus

UPDATED – September 2014

The excellent, free antivirus program, Avast requires annual registration and the software will begin to prompt you when your licence is due for renewal.

Some people are a bit wary to re-register as the prompts often suggest that you upgrade to the paid version, but you don’t have to pay anything if you don’t wish to.

I’ve put together this little tutorial to guide you through the simple process and make life a bit easier. (Please be aware, this article was updated in September 2014 and shows images from a Windows 7 system – different versions of Windows may require a slightly different approach and the images may not exactly tally with what’s on your screen)

Let me know how you get on.

Firstly, at the bottom right of your screen, Avast installs an icon, an orange and blue spinning ball with the letter ‘a’ on it. This icon may be in the hidden icons box which is accessed as shown.



Clicking the orange Avast icon should open the following dialogue box displaying all the tool’s options and the amount of time remaining on your registration. Click the Register link as indicated here:



A box similar to below will open. Now click the grey “Select” button as shown here:


The registration form will appear. Complete it and click the green button.


A new window will open that should look something like this:


Simply click the X in the top right hand corner to exit. You will now be covered by Avast for another 365 days.

If everything works then it should only take a few minutes, but if you get stuck then just drop me a line.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The procedure above only works when you still have time remaining on your registration. If your free version has expired you’ll probably find that the only way to remain as a free user of Avast is to fully un-install the programme, download it again (link below) and re-install. 

If you haven’t downloaded Avast yet, you can do so by following this link:

Happy computing


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49 thoughts on “How to Re-Register Avast Free Anti Virus”

  1. don’t know how to send you a screenshot, bút when I click on the button to insert my license key, it doesn’t give me the avast registration window, but instead the windows explorer “find” window, opened by default to my desktop and seeking a file with the format (*.avastlic); if I copy the license key in the blank and hit return, then it says it can’t find the file. (And if I create a text file consistinfg of the license key, and change the ending from *.txt to *.avastlic, avast says it can’t open it; it is corrupted.)

  2. Hi i been using a avast free version the day i have my lap top. but when i try to install the 8.0.1489 version, the problem that i encountered was when i try to register, it just kip on retrieving info, and nothing happened.i only have 29 days remaining to register if not this will be expire.please need your assistance. Thank you!

  3. Harriet Detweiler

    Thank you so much! I’ve enjoyed AVAST for quite a while and I hd forgotten how to get to the registration page.
    Thanks again for your help!

  4. Reply to “x” – if you have a license key then it looks like you’ve got the paid version and as such the Avast support is your way to go. In my experience the Avast core program can sometimes become corrupted (or at least confused!) when updating and you may need to do a thorough uninstall before attempting to re-install.

  5. Hi Peter
    Thank you for your information. I am not all that computer literate – I did pay for AVG antivirus but a computer guy told me to use Avast. I have just tried to download the free version and it said it did it but I got no email enquiry and no logo coming up and it does not seem to be in my programmes. I did uninstall anything to do with AVG – what can I do???
    Thanks Paula

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying to you, Paula. I guess you may have already sorted your issue but if not the only thing I can suggest is to first make sure you have uninstalled AVG properly. The BEST way to do that would be to run AVG’s own removal tool.

      Visit this page and select the appropriate link for your system and download and run the program.

      Then I’d advise you to uninstall Avast (if it’s there), reboot and start again. Download the latest version of Avast Free Home edition and install again.

      Hope that helps.

  6. Hello,
    This works fine for me but;
    i’ve already bought Avast! and… i’ve got a license key but the program says it’s incorrect :S. I’ve just formatted my comp again and thus lost Avast! 4 Home edition, i don’t know what to do 🙁
    Greets, Antoine.

  7. Christina Abarquez


    I need help in re-registering my Avast Antivirus free license. Everytime I do so, it gives an error message: “Tha AAVM detected a RPC error”. It won’t register. Please help.

  8. Hi Peter
    I need to re-register my Avast but I cannot seem to find the Logo anywhere to click on and proceed to do so. It’s not on my Start nor is is in the bottom rt-hnd corner of the screen. Where is it?
    I had a computer guy instal my laptop last year – has he forgotten to put in the logo, or is this something that has to come from Avast when you first register.

    Time is fleeting I need to do this by the 13th Jan. Can you help please
    Many thanks

    1. Difficult to say, Heather, I’m not sure what’s happened to the Avast logo. If the program is indeed still installed it WILL be in your programs folder, but you may also be better off uninstalling it and starting from scratch.

      To uninstall, go to your Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs (or Programs Uninstall) and select Avast for uninstall. You’ll need to reboot. Then visit to download a fresh version.

  9. Hi there I have followed your instructions but it still takes me to the page on the internet to purchase it because I have been using it for 1011 days so it says. What can I do?

    1. As far as I’m aware, Peter, there is no time restriction for using the free version. Best solution is, as always, to completely unistall and reload Avast. You’ll just need to register using your name and email once a year. Just be careful not to agree to try the full version, always choose to stay with the current protection. Here’s the link you need to download:

  10. hi peter…..

    i have registered avast on 1 march 2013 and now its expiring on 1march 2014…

    how can i reregister it again for a 1 year or more time…


    1. ubaid, follow the tutorial in this post, you will be able to re-register for another 365 day. You can’t register the free version for any longer than a year.

  11. I want to ask how to renew the free yearly registration for the new avast version 2014.9.0.2013. When I go to setting > registration, I only see the two options “insert activation code and “insert license file” , which doesn’t fit the code that was given. Advice?

  12. Omg! Thank you!
    I’ve been freaked out because my Anti-Virus wasn’t registered and I don’t know how to register cuz Idk where to find the page to register
    so that’s why I searched this!

  13. The programme reminds me each day my registration is required, but it won’t let me do so. I keep getting the message ‘The content is temporalily unavailable, please try it again later’. I have been ‘trying again later’ for almost a week with no success. Any ideas to help me, please?

    1. Kevin, the best thing to do when Avast stops playing ball is simply to delete it completely from your computer and reinstall and re-register

  14. I’ve had Avast for a couple years now. However, this time something very weird happened. Probably going to just do a re-install but … its weird. It suddenly went into trial mode after having had it INSTALLED for months.

    Have you entered that weirdness before?

    1. Apologies for the late reply, you’ve probably sorted this issue. I’ve not had that happen before so yes, it’s weird and as you say, a re-install is the way forward.

  15. Peter,
    How can I re-register “offline” with version 8? I tried to send a request to “resend” but a message is sent to me saying they have no record of my email address in their database.

    I registered a year ago, and I’m still able to receive their message.


  16. Annie johnson Alexander

    I renewed my contract with Avast and paid for 2 yrs. andI had to restart my computer all over and now I don’t have it. How do I get back what I have already paid for?

  17. Hi Peter
    On my avast free antivirus there is NO “Register” LINK on the YELLOW bar – only Registration (33 days remaining).
    Using Settings>Registration to window for “your subscription” – there is NOW WAY to register the FREE version! Only UPGRADE to paid avast products. LINKS ARE ONLY for: Insert activation code , Insert license file, and blue colour bar showing 33 days remaining.

    It seems they try to force customers to obtain paid versions?

    Does this mean the only solution is to fully Un-install the Free avast, Reboot, download, and install the latest current Free avast version?
    Thanking you for your support – Lisa

    1. Lisa, I had the same problem with mine! I did what JJ suggested and went into my control panel to uninstall Avast, there it asked me if I wanted to re-register instead so I clicked that button, restarted my computer and viola! Re-registered for the free program! Hope that helps!

  18. Lisa. If you are using 2014 version try uninstall it and before uninstalling avast will prompt you to renew for another year instead of uninstalling. Just select OK to go and your registration days will restore back to 365 days.

  19. peter thank you for such an easy to follow set of instructions to re register for free avasti anti virus i will keep you in mind if i have any further problems much appreciated

  20. Hi Peter,
    I have avast installed on my computer and for some other reason i have to reset my factory settings which will temporarily uninstall avast
    Can i somehow get my install avast again with my remaining subscription (300 days) after resetting my computer?

    1. Sorry for the delay, Fernando. You’ve probably figured this out already but yes, re-install and simply sign into your Avast account from the program. Your subscription (free or paid) will be as it was before your factory install.

  21. Thanks for your help, Peter. I spent far too many minutes in the program trying to renew my subscription from paid to free, after the paid subscription ran out. I giggled at myself when you wrote at the bottom of this page, “fully un-install … and re-install.” “Right,” I said, out loud. Heh. Dilemma averted. Thanks again.

  22. I have free Avast antivirus. I purchased Grime Fighter. One day Grime Fighter went crazy and would complete and keep starting over. So I uninstalled Avast and reinstalled. Now it is telling me I have 7 days to register but when I try to it states that I am not connected to the internet. I am connected. Should I let the 7 days run out and see what happens?

    1. Hi Dolly

      As you’ve purchased Grime Fighter I would put your question to the Avast Support team. I’ve not used Grime Fighter and don’t know what it does or how it interacts with Avast or indeed your internet connection (it “may” disable your internet as a matter of routine, I really don’t know)

  23. I have ‘Windows Vista home premium’ and found to re register I have to use the following .COPY. your licence key number shown between the “cut here lines”

    Cut here ——-
    ———-Cut here ———-
    Bring up Avast
    C Settings
    C Registration
    C Insert the licence key box
    R.C. in the empty box
    Select Paste . C O

    ———- Cut here ——
    your Avast key code.
    ———-Cut here ———-
    Bring up Avast
    C Settings
    C Registration
    C Insert the licence key box
    R.C. in the empty box
    Select Paste . C OK

    1. It’s all good if it worked for you, Lionel. This page, however is for the free version of Avast and as such users will not have a key or licence code.

  24. Hello friend,

    I tried the way you mentioned, but after my free version had expired, and was still able to renew my free registration for 365 days. this helped a lot. thank you from the bottom of my heart, i was much tensed about my laptop security. thanks again.

  25. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the info great instructions and worked brilliantly.

    Cannot recommend highly enough.

    Once again many thanks.

    Kind Regards

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