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Your computer is great at doing lots of things, but one ‘skill’ it has that is often overlooked and not at all welcome, is the ability to attract dirt, dust and germs.

Dust is drawn into the workings of the computer via its fans. The fans are there to help the delicate components remain cool and function properly.  Unfortunately, due to the accumulation of dust, this very method of cooling can cause your computer to overheat, slow down and even create major component failure.

Regular and careful dusting is in order. Use a can of compressed air to clear the dust from the fans, heatsinks and nooks and crannies of the case. A soft, dry paintbrush is also useful – but stay away from using a vacuum cleaner as they can generate static electricity which could seriously damage your PC.

Your keyboard and mouse also require regular cleaning. Dirt, oil and grease from fingers is probably the least of your problems – especially if you’re in the habit of eating at your desk.  I recently dismantled a keyboard – just to see what was underneath those keys – I think the photo speaks for itself!!

Keyboards and mice are cheap to replace – but their lifespan (and hygiene levels) are greatly improved with the occasional blow from your friendly can of compressed air and a wipe down with a damp cloth.

Remember folks, keep it clean out there!

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  1. Evening Peter, I imagine the interior of my computer will be the better of a clean.Could you please do that for me when it suits you.Also my computer is not accepting my new password. I manage with the old P/W. Merry Christmas to the Bestels. Billy

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