My Favourite Christmas Shops

I’m often asked where I shop online so I thought that I should create a page where I could share with you the sites we tend to shop at, especially at Christmas time. I reckon we do upwards of 80% of our Christmas shopping via the Internet and would probably do more if the supermarkets offered a delivery service in our area, but they don’t.

Shopping online saves us money and time. We buy only what we want to buy – we’re not tempted by impulse purchases at the checkout or distracted by offers for stuff we don’t really need. These temptations do exist online, but they’re far easier to ignore.

And so to our favourite shops. This list is by no means exhaustive and I’ll gladly take your recommendations if you’d like to add a comment. – this is THE largest online retailer in the world. They started out just selling books but now it boasts tens of thousands of different lines – everything from DVDs to furniture and video games to swimsuits.

It is worth noting though that Amazon is like a huge department store. Yes, it sells stuff direct to you but it also has lots of other shops selling through its site, a bit like department store concessions. Be sure to check out who you’re actually buying from, it may not be Amazon themselves. – The largest and best-known of the online auction sites.  Lots of online retailers operate an eBay shop to run alongside their regular website. Sometimes their eBay prices can even be cheaper, but be warned, sometimes they can be more expensive.

Always check sellers’ feedback score and a good rule of thumb is never buy from someone with less than a 98% positive feedback. – DVDs, CDs, games and much more. It may not have the variety of stock that Amazon has, but it often beats them on price and certainly for ease of shopping. Their delivery is usually included in the price so you don’t get that unwanted surprise at the checkout and goods are often with you within a couple of days. The returns process is easy too so you can buy with confidence. – Small electrical items and gadgets and particularly great prices for batteries, camera memory cards and USB sticks. If I was to recommend one product from 7 Day Shop it would be their rechargeable batteries and quick charger – a great little investment and a crackin’ product. – Yes, they may have disappeared from our high street but they’re alive and kicking online.

Bought out by a mail order company, they appear to have the same great range of stock as their old real-world stores and have now relaunched the Ladybird brand of kids’ clothes. – I always keep coming back to this online retailer when people ask me where to buy a new PC or laptop. They may not offer the cheapest nor the quickest of machines but they’ve got a great website for choosing any configuration of spec and the quality of build is always excellent.



As I say, this list is not exhaustive, please feel free to add your own favourite shops in the comment section below.

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