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Wouldn’t it be Great if Computers Could Repair Themselves?


Unfortunately computers rarely fix themselves.  When it comes to electronic components and computer programmes, time is not a healer. Ignoring a problem will not help, in fact it’ll probably only get worse if left unfixed.

And while fixing problems following a major meltdown can set you right, it’s often the expensive route to take. Precious photographs or data often can’t be saved from a defunct hard drive; but if caught in time, a dying hard drive can be backed up and nothing will be lost.

It would be fair to say, that prevention is most definitely better than cure and is often kinder on your bank balance given the cost of replacing hardware or forking out for specialist data recovery services. Creating a regular maintenance plan for your computer(s) is a sensible move and that’s where I can help.

I am offering a range of preventative PC Health Check options that are flexible, affordable and will help your computer last longer.

Each Health Check service includes

  • Collection of your PC from your home or place of work†
  • A thorough Anti Virus scan including removal of malware, trojans and bogus software.
  • Full Defragmentation of all Hard Drives connected to the PC.
  • Complete Disk Scan to check for and mark all bad sectors of all Hard Drives
  • Update of Drivers where necessary
  • Thorough removal of dust and cleaning of PC, both interior and exterior
  • Return to your home or place of work usually within two days of collection
  • A complete report of all work carried out and recommendations to improve performance.

You can choose between these three Service Plan Levels

This is a one off service call. I would recommend a Bronze Level as the bare minimum for an annual service. Of course, you can call me out any number of times for this level of service but you will save in the long run if you upgrade to a Silver or Gold option.


Every three months, for one year, I’ll carry out the above detailed service on any or all of your PCs. You can see that the savings are considerable over a simple bronze package and you’ll be safeguarding your computers and your data.



This ultimate package, I suggest, is for work computers, possibly stored in PC-unfriendly environments such as farms or poorly ventilated areas.  I work with a number of companies who require regular cleaning and maintenance of their computers and if this is you then you should go for Gold!


Here is a breakdown of the pricing for each of the levels. You will notice that there are savings to be had the moment you upgrade to either the Silver or Gold package. There are even discounts on all three levels when you want me to carry out a health check on more than one computer at a time.

Now, all there is to do is select your Health Check Service Plan option from the drop down menus below and click the Buy Now button.

We use PayPal as a payment processor because it is secure. You do not need a PayPal account as most credit cards are accepted.

Once I have received notification of your payment, I will be in touch to schedule your chosen Service Plan.


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Please Note:  The price for Health Check Service Plans does not cover replacement parts or additional labour costs should any computer require extra repair work or maintenance. The backing up of data, if required can be negotiated at the time of the service.

† This service is only available in The Machars region of South West Scotland and solely at my discretion.

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