Remote Access Assistance – 1 Hour


1 Hour of Remote Access Assistance


Remote Access Assistance

A limited number of slots are available for my Remote Access Assistance.

When it’s Useful

As long as it can still access the Internet it should be possible for me to access your computer from my workshop. This is particularly useful when a ‘quick fix’ is required for repairs or guidance and/or advice on software issues is requested.

How it works

The first step is to call me. I will be able to advise you whether this service is appropriate or not. If we agree that a Remote Service session is the right way forward, return to this page and purchase an agreed number of hours assistance.

If you’re not already talking to me on the phone, please call me as it will be necessary for me to be able to speak to you as we set the system up.

Make sure you have the latest version of Teamviewer installed on your computer (PC or Mac). You can download it from this link

Just click the green ‘Download for free’ button and install the software.  It should look something like this:

Once the software is installed, I will guide you through connecting my computer to yours. Once connected I will have control of your mouse pointer, have access to your programmes and files and shall be able to carry out the necessary work.

Once the session is over the link will be disconnected and I will no longer have access to your computer.


When Remote Access Assistance Won’t Work

Remote Access is not suitable for fixing hardware issues or any issue that prevents your computer from connecting to the Internet.

This service, as with all my services, is available only to customers within my business catchment area of the Machars, South West Scotland, U.K. and is limited to availability. All sales from outside the stated geographical area will be immediately refunded.


If you find the information on this blog useful and you want me to help you with your computer, get in touch here


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