What We Do

We offer a wide range of services. Please make sure to click the links below each picture to find out more.

System diagnosis and repair

We carry out repairs as quickly as possible, with a normal turnaround of 48 hours depending on parts availability.

We do not normally charge for initial assessment and fault diagnosis

Virus and Malware Removal

Unwanted, malicious software is the most common cause for poorly performing computers and ‘peculiar’ functions. Regular anti virus software often overlooks malware and requires specialist attention.

Virus and malware removal accounts for a high proportion of work undertaken here at Computer Help.

Hardware & Software Upgrades

We regularly help with the upgrading of operating systems, such as Windows 7 to Windows 10 and advise on software choice for various applications.

Replacing hard drives, keyboards and laptop screens are just some of the jobs we also see very often.

Home Visits Arranged

By far the greatest convenience over shop-based services is our willingness to come direct to your home or place of work.

As long as you live within our operating area, which covers The Machars from the Isle of Whithorn up to north of Newton Stewart and from Creetown towards Glenluce, then you should be OK.

Give us a call to arrange a visit.

Software Tutoring

We have been teaching people how to get the best from their computers for longer than we’ve been fixing them.

Whether it’s specific tutoring on an Office package. Skype or social media, or whether it’s just how to get  to grips with Windows 10 or your new iPad, we can help.

You’ll find our one-to-one approach friendly and informative.

Friendly Advice

Please call us if you have a question about your computer, laptop or tablet. The advice given over the phone can often be just the solution you need, saving you time and potential cost.

We pride ourselves on being able to talk to people. That may seem an odd claim to make but many computer technicians struggle with face to face communication and avoid it. We rather like talking to fellow human beings.

Quick, reliable repairs at affordable prices

Got a problem with your computer? Give us a call.

What Our Clients Say

Most of our work comes from recommendations from existing customers

We've been relying on Computer Help for years now. Always excellent service, friendly and bags of patience (and goodness knows he's needed it with us as clients!). Don't quite know what we'd do without Computer Help .
Joyce Cochrane
Owner, The Old Bank Book Shop