Setting The Right Monitor Resolution

What does the image above look like to you? It should be a perfect circle within a perfect square, not an oval in a rectangle, but a circle in a square.

I see a lot of people’s computer monitors during my work and it surprises me how many people are using incorrect settings so images appear distorted – it’s not good for viewing photos as people appear much fatter or much thinner than they actually are – I call it Squished Photo Syndrome (SPS).

SPS is to do with screen resolution settings.

The other problem with using incorrect resolution setting is that letters on the screen may appear blurred.

To get your monitor looking right, the best option is to find the resolution as stated in the specifications for your particular model.

If you’ve not got a printed version of the specs, then simply Google your monitor’s make and model along with the word ‘resolution’.

With a bit of digging you should find a specification that says something like 1280×1024 or 1024×768. Make a note of the figures for your particular model.

To set the resolution, right click a blank space on your desktop. A window like this should open.

Click ‘Properties’

Now click the Settings tab

Now, armed with your Googled resolution settings, drag the slider until it displays the correct figures. Now click Apply.

That should cure Squished Photo Syndrome for most monitors but some may get a bit confused and you’ll need to press the physical Auto button on monitor casing.

Any problems, well, you know where to find me.


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