The Wonders of Skype (and a tutorial)

Let me ask you, are you on Skype?

I know many of my customers have got it but I’m also aware that lots of you haven’t and maybe even if you have, you’ve not got your head around it just yet.

I want to show you a tutorial that explains what it is, the benefits and how to get the most of it.  Just click the link and the tutorial should load automatically.

Click here for tutorial

And for those of you who haven’t a clue what Skype is…

It’s a free service that allows you to make phone calls or video calls, at no cost, via your PC to anyone else in the world that’s running Skype too. To get the best from it you should have a microphone, speakers and, if you like, a webcam.

A lot of computers are already equipped with a mic, speakers and even a webcam, but if you need one then take a look at this little bundle.

Trust ChatPack on Amazon

I’ve bought this for a few of my customers as it works with all variations of Windows (not all webcams do) and it’s as cheap as chips – a headset, microphone and a webcam for less than £15 – can’t be bad. The quality is decent too.

If you’ve not got an Amazon account or don’t like buying on the Internet, give me a shout and I’ll pick a set up for you.

Have fun with Skype. It’s a marvellous service and for your reference, my Skype ID is Peter.Bestel – give me a call some day, it’s free!

If you find the information on this blog useful and you want me to help you with your computer, get in touch here

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