What if you need a new computer?

I often get asked to offer advice when people are purchasing a new computer and I think it surprises some folk as to how many questions I ask before making any recommendations.

The two main questions I ask are:

What do you want to use it for?
What’s your budget?

Once we’ve got these two answers nailed (often a lot trickier than you may think) we can then discuss the other details such as:

  • laptop v desktop?
  • big screen or small?
  • gaming use?
  • video work?
  • software requirements

Most PCs are going to be able to carry out far more tasks than the average user will ever need and it’s important to understand what you’re buying so it will be ‘fit for purpose’ as they say.  There’s no point in spending £1000 if all you want to do is surf the internet and write the occasional letter. Similarly, you don’t want to spend too little and get a machine that comes to a grinding halt every time you try to edit a photo or a family video.

In my experience I’ve found that buying a computer online is always much more cost-effective than going to a high street retailer and, whilst they’re not always the cheapest I recommend shopping at Dell.

Dell don’t have a reputation for selling PCs with the highest of specifications but they make solid, generally dependable computers and have reasonable aftercare.

Visit the Dell website by clicking here

Their website offers a flexible shopping cart too – by which I mean you start with a base model and work your way through the process, step by step, adding to the specification as your needs and budget see fit.

It’s handy if you have someone knowledgeable with you while you shop for your computer (I’m available for a reasonable rate!!) as sometimes it can get a bit technical.

It is, of course, possible to get bargains if you want to shop around online, but for ease and flexibility of purchase, at a reasonable cost and with decent after sales service, I’ve found it’s hard to beat Dell.


If you find the information on this blog useful and you want me to help you with your computer, get in touch here

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